Roland ATELIER Heimorgeln
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Endlich! Wieder eine schöne Orgel mit Zugriegel für Musik zum selber spielen! Lassen Sie sich dieses Instrument vorführen bei Musik Günthart AG - bitte um Voranmeldung.


CHF 6'990.-


Roland Orgel AT-300


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With its space-saving design, classic roll-top cover, waterfall keys, and harmonic bars for authentic tone control, the AT-300 is the perfect choice for organ enthusiasts who want pro features with a smaller footprint. Equipped with 180 types of built-in musical instruments, plus 120 rhythms (each with four variations), the AT-300 puts a world of music at your fingertips. The built-in speaker box delivers a powerful, resonant sound that defies its size, while the backlit graphical LCD provides clear, concise control.

180 types of built-in musical instruments; 120 rhythms, each with four variations.
Harmonic bars for authentic tone control.

61-key lower waterfall keyboard and a damper pedal. Speaker box delivers powerful, resonant sound. Backlit graphical LCD for easy, clear navigation

Great world-class organ sounds in a single instrument.
Superb built-in sound sets, sourced from world-famous pipe, theater, and jazz organs.

Harmonic bars provide interactive control.
The AT-300 has harmonic bars, which provide instant access to a full palette of distinctive organ sounds. From 16-foot to 1-foot, different pipe lengths producing different pitches can be used in combination. Each foot length can be adjusted while playing as well.

Lower keyboard for extra expression.
The AT-300 has a lower waterfall-style keyboard, which is ideal for glissando and other expressive organ-playing techniques. In addition to 61 onboard keys, the AT-300 provides a damper pedal for proper piano playing. Furthermore, the lower keyboard can be split into separate zones. Different instrument sounds can be assigned to up to three lower keyboard zones. This split function makes the lower keyboard equivalent to multiple keyboards!

Orchestral instrument sounds included.
Strings, brass, and guitar — a wealth of superb musical-instrument samples are built in. True-to-life jazz -scat vocals and choir samples are also included.

Active Expression lets you add rich accents to your playing.
Built-in Active Expression capabilities allow you to use the expression pedal to accent what you play. Sounds such as flute and brass, which tend to lose presence during forte playing can be realistically boosted. And, right down to the strength of bowing, you can make instruments such as violins really come to life. Active Expression lets you play more instruments with more feeling and authenticity.

Onboard automatic accompaniment lets you play with world-class musicians. Swing, country, bossa nova.... With AT-300 you can play along with organic rhythms from around the world, recorded by professional drummers. The Arranger feature (automatic accompaniment) allows you to trigger rhythmic patterns from the lower keyboard, and giving you a taste of what it's like to play along with pro musicians.

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